About the Studio

The Yoga Root is a community-minded, independent North Vancouver Yoga studio, dedicated to teaching yoga in a welcoming environment where you’ll feel respected and cared for. We welcome all levels of experience - whether you are new to yoga practice, out of practice or regularly practice. You'll experience a relaxed, non-pretentious vibe where yoga students practice free from judgements and comparisons.

Our studio is a space where the ancient practice of yoga is geared towards enhancing our busy, contemporary lifestyles. Teachers guide our yoga students through poses that aim to harmonize body movement with breathing and focus of the mind. Meditation and rhythmic breathing help relieve stress and achieve deep relaxation while exercises promote good posture and flexibility. If you can breathe, you can do yoga! 

Whether you start by trying one of our regularly scheduled classes or sign up for one of our workshops or courses, we're happy to have you join our yoga community. Let us be a part of your journey to finding what roots YOU, one breath at a time.