About Artemis Calogeros

I found yoga on a healing journey that started in my 20's when I was diagnosed with Hashimoto's Thyroiditis and Clinical Depression. In more recent years, I received positive diagnostic results for two additional autoimmune conditions: Sjogren's Disease and Mixed Connective Tissue Disease. All of this autoimmunity leads to pervasive fatigue, stiffness and pain, thinning hair, challenges maintaining my weight, body image issues, and a predisposition to depression. Yet through the experience of these physical and mental health challenges, I have come to listen to my body and truly appreciate the importance of self-care in maintaining my health and cultivating happiness in my life. In times when I have felt overwhelmed and despondent, I have found strength and peace by connecting with nature and grounding myself through yoga and meditation.

Yoga and meditation have been transformational for me on my personal healing journey. I'm grateful to studio founder, Rachel Rozen, for giving me the opportunity to help others on their journeys by keeping The Yoga Root going while she moves onto the next stage of her life. When Rachel opened The Yoga Root in 2015, she seeded a grassroots community of genuine, authentic teachers and earnest students. And she lovingly nurtured it for two years. My intention is to keep this compassionate yoga community alive and growing strong. I invite you to come practice with us!

–Artemis, Owner of The Yoga Root