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The True Cleanse with Susanne Mueller & Dr. Thara Vayali

Join Susanne Mueller, Holistic Nutritionist/Yoga Teacher, and Dr. Thara Vayali, Naturopath/Yoga Teacher, for a 1 hour, all-levels detoxifying yoga class, followed by The True Cleanse; a multi-day layout on how to cleanse, what to eat (and not eat) and fun exercises to let go of the old. The True Cleanse empowers you to feel healthier throughout cleansing, without harming your body or bouncing back to old, unhealthy patterns when it’s over.

The yoga portion will focus on cleansing the body of toxins and waste that accumulate in our cells and organs. The poses and breathing techniques we will move through provide support for our bodies in order to cleanse safely and naturally. Then comes The True Cleanse... no more detox-in-a-box. No more deprivation. No more cleansing that makes you feel crappy and ravenous! Susanne and Thara will clarify the truth and myths of cleansing so you can move forward with confidence and certainty. Cleansing can be safe, effective and actually fun! When you do a True Cleanse, your body and life feel genuinely better.

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About Susanne:

Sus is a Holistic Nutritionist, New Mama and very talented at guiding clients to use their intuition for healthy eating. She keeps Thara from getting carried away with her verbosity by giving her organized timelines. 

About Thara:

Thara is a Naturopathic Doctor, Writer and is skilled at distilling science into realistic lifestyle choices. She visions big and keeps Sus on her toes with her flow of ideas and possibilites.

Workshop Investment = $25 (+ GST)

*SPACE IS LIMITED: Click HERE to register. Pre-registration is advised.