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Intro to Qigong w/ Jacob Larmour -- Falling Leaves: Making the transition into Autumn

$40 for 1 yogi

$70 for 2 yogis

*SPACE IS LIMITED: Click HERE to register. Pre-registration is required.*

Falling Leaves: Making the transition into Autumn.

This introduction to Qigong will prepare our bodies, minds and spirits for the change of season and align us with the rhythms of the natural world. Autumn is the season of the Metal element, manifested in the body as our lungs and respiratory system, where we often hold our feelings of loss and loneliness. Through movement, breath and intention, we will release old patterns of stagnant emotional and physical energy, allowing room for new possibilities to show up in our lives. By encouraging the Qi (life force energy) to flow freely through our bodies, we dance through this transition, experiencing it with joy and vibrant energy.

About Jacob Larmour:

Originally exposed to Tai Chi and TCM in the early 1980s, Jacob Larmour has been intensively practicing Qigong for a number of years, studying shamanic Qigong with the Empty Mountain Institute, and Medical Qigong with the International Institute of Medical Qigong. He continues his studies with both of these organizations. He maintains a strong personal Qigong practice, and offers Qigong movement classes and Qi emission treatments in the Vancouver area. Before becoming immersed in the world of Medical Qigong, he spent many years as an organic farmer and operating a jewelry distribution business.

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