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Beginner Rocket Yoga Workshop w/ Heidi Joffe


Meditation in Movement. Connect to yourself.

$40 OR $35 Early Bird Price Before Nov. 25th

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Blast off with the Psychedelic Rocket Series, created by Larry Shultz , named by Bob Weir (Grateful Dead). This workshop will be taught by Heidi Joffe (M.Ed. E-500 RYT). The Rocket Yoga series energizes and opens the body in a dynamic meditation.  As a free-spirited form of yoga based within the Ashtanga lineage, we balance asana (movement), pranayama (breathing) with strong roots (bandhas) and deep focus (drishti). You receive guidelines and principles around the sequence as well as handouts for you to use on your mat at your own time. You’ll learn progressions that easily adapt to different body types, ages, and levels of practice: this yoga is for all those who seek a creative approach to their practice. Designed for life on the road, as well as at home, it trains you to take care of yourself, your true teacher, in a holistic, authentic, flexible practice. Consensual, gentle, 2-finger adjustments may be used in this workshop by Heidi to ensure a safe practice when coming into some intense poses.

A Rocket Definition.. Larry Schultz developed these sequences of postures/asana from traditional ashtanga series to meet modern, mobile, lifestyles. Strength building as well as a practice of breath, focus and energy, the different sequences offer flexibility in time and in your body. Heat builds naturally in the body as we move in a meditation of breath, releasing stress and tension in the body. As a progressive series, it transforms practitioners.

About Heidi Joffe (M.Ed. A.T. E-500 RYT):
My grandmother first taught me about yoga practice from her own dedication to it during her long and healthy life. From sixteen years old, I set the foundations in my own way, from Integral yoga to Shiva Rea, moving from teachers to books with joyful ease. My practice injected a new force into my classroom teaching and consciously I began to pursue yoga in 1997, a year after my son was born. I found a teacher training at It’s Yoga Cincinnati which practiced a form of Ashtanga that sang to my bones. Lucky to have Indu Bala Bhardwaj and Amber Gean as my main teachers, I also had the honor to work with Larry Schultz, the founder of the Rocket series. I moved to Vancouver to open It’s Yoga on Commercial Ave. in 2001. In those early years, teacher trainings with Tim Miller, Danny Paradise, Nancy Gilgoff , Dave Swenson and K.Pattabhi Jois enhanced my abilities as a teacher and student. I continue to renew and learn new forms and concepts to add to my accrued wisdom. Larry’s legacy to his students was a belief in the truth of one’s practice, to keep up the work, and experience the magic of the carpet as it takes you from where you think you are to where you dream of being/becoming. I would also like to extend my deepest gratitude and recognition to my main teacher for the last nine years, James Nicholson. Throughout these years, I have also developed my own practice, on and off the mat. I have single handedly raised two amazing children, worked within schools and community services as an art therapist, and trained as an Adlerian therapist. I own and operate a small textile studio, The Black Cat, which contains my love of weaving, sewing, spinning and dyeing. I live a blessed life on the North Shore, and in gratitude I give myself to the good work of bringing yoga, the union of mind, body and spirit, to all who seek it.