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Foundation Training with Ben Fizell

Foundation Training is a series of exercises, created by Dr. Eric Goodman, to alleviate chronic back pain, improve posture and enhance athletic ability by correcting poor movement patterns. 

The exercises quickly stabilize the spine and core to balance the effects of our modern lifestyle, which leave most of these muscles weak and imbalanced. Learning basic fundamental human movement patterns means you will move in a more efficient and powerful way, reducing stress on the joints and ligaments and shifting it to the muscles, where it should be.

In this workshop with Ben, you will be introduced to these simple body weight exercises and we will gradually refine and add more layers to each movement, developing strong posture and correct movement patterns. These movements easily integrate into your everyday life.

About Ben Fizell:

My aspiration for healing has led me into many fields of study over the last 15 years, from shiatsu and massage to a variety of healing modalities, while my curiosity for exploring consciousness and inner alchemy took me down a path of meditation, IST (Inner Space Techniques), yoga and qi gong. Since discovering the powerful effects of Foundation Training, I have made it one of my primary modalities to share with students, empowering them to take control of their health and well-being.

I bring all of my experience, knowledge and passion together in what I call Inner Alchemy Systems. My goal is to assist those who desire more from their life to achieve their goals: emotional freedom, healing, awakening of your vital energy and opening to what lies beyond your ordinary mind.

Whatever your reason for working on yourself, I encourage a healthy dose of curiosity, wonder and a sense of adventure, because at the heart of what I really offer is a pathway to a deeply rewarding journey of inner exploration and self-discovery.

Investment: $30 PRE-REGISTER

$35 @ the door

*SPACE IS LIMITED: Click HERE to register. Pre-registration is advised.