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Journey into Stillness w/ Ben Fizell (6-week meditation course)

MONDAYS (MAY 16 - JUNE 20) = 6 classes

Register by May 13 = $90 + GST

After May 13 = $100 + GST

*SPACE IS LIMITED: Click HERE to register. Pre-registration is advised.

This 6 week course is for anyone with an interest in meditation. Whether you are a beginner or would like to take your practice to a deeper level, you will learn the tools you need to create a strong meditation practice.

This course will include theory, guided meditation and open discussion times. Each week another aspect of theory will be presented, helping to deepen the meditation.

Through this course Ben aims to bring clarity and understanding to what meditation is and will clear up vagueness and mystery that is often associated with it. A solid theoretical framework is provided to contextualize the practice and make it more powerful.

Some of the topics covered include:

  •   What is Meditation 
  •   Meditation & awakening…Becoming more
  •   Stillness; the background for deep states of consciousness
  •   Samskaras & the sea of mental fluctuations
  •   Subtle bodies – the body & mind connection
  •   Healing  

Learn a simple yet potent technique of meditation and discover the deep nurturing stillness that forever resides in the background of your mind.


About Ben Fizell

My aspiration for healing has led me into many fields of study over the last 15 years, from shiatsu and massage to a variety of healing modalities, while my curiosity for exploring consciousness and inner alchemy took me down a path of meditation, IST (Inner Space Techniques), yoga and qi gong. Since discovering the powerful effects of Foundation Training, I have made it one of my primary modalities to share with students, empowering them to take control of their health and well-being.

I bring all of my experience, knowledge and passion together in what I call Inner Alchemy Systems. My goal is to assist those who desire more from their life to achieve their goals: emotional freedom, healing, awakening of your vital energy and opening to what lies beyond your ordinary mind.

Whatever your reason for working on yourself, I encourage a healthy dose of curiosity, wonder and a sense of adventure, because at the heart of what I really offer is a pathway to a deeply rewarding journey of inner exploration and self-discovery.