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Intro to Tantra - Alchemy of the Heart w/ Krista Nova

 $25 for 1 yogi OR $40 for 2 yogis

*SPACE IS LIMITED: Click HERE to register. Pre-registration is advised.

In this evening workshop we will gain a clear understanding of what Tantra actually is and how it can become a treasure in our daily lives. We’re living in a time where people live with such a deep longing and craving for connection and intimacy, yet are not clear how to fulfill this. Here is a chance to unplug from your daily routine and open up and be seen, felt and heard. This workshop will bring a practical and experiential understanding to participants using a combination of meditations, dyadic work and breath work. This is a chance to come alive, explore energy, open your heart and just be yourself.

About Krista:

Krista is a Tantrika, a Yogini and a seeker of the mystical truths. For almost 2 decades she has been exploring the esoteric aspects of existence through intensive training in yoga, meditation, tantric practices and the intuitive healing arts. In Tantra Krista discovered that sexual energy, our most potent innate resource, is a powerful tool for transformation on all levels of life including toward the goal of spiritual enlightenment. She continues her quest through annual studies with renowned teachers around the world and by guiding her own students in their thirst for experiential wisdom.