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Devi Yoga w/ Dr Alexina Mehta

Cost = $20 + GST

Space is limited. Pre-registration is advised.

Awakening your divine feminine fire to THRIVE...

Devi Yoga is a movement and meditation practice created by Dr. Alexina Mehta in response to working with so many women in her practice as a Naturopathic doctor and yoga teacher.

"Women need to feel empowered in their bodies to be happy and to heal. I created this practice so women could connect with the most epic role models of empowerment for women: The Goddesses from around the world."

When your divine feminine fire awakens, you feel alive and full of positive energy and hope. We practice 15 different yoga postures, each which honour a specific Goddess from different traditions to help us remember the qualities they symbolize within ourselves.

For example, the pose to honour Durga reminds us that we have strength in the moments when we feel weak. The pose to honour Lakshmi reminds us that a blessing can come to us in any moment, often when we least expect it. This pose teaches us gratitude for blessings to come.

With each posture we learn a meditation, mudra and mantra which connects us even more deeply to the intention of the pose, which is to connect and awaken the quality of the particular Goddess within us.

We also work with plant essences to top off a completely blissful class leaving you feeling happy, hopeful and in gratitude.

Read about Devi Yoga here:

  Dr Alexina Mehta  is a Yoga and Pilates teacher, Naturopathic Doctor, energy medicine practitioner, and lover of dance!

Dr Alexina Mehta is a Yoga and Pilates teacher, Naturopathic Doctor, energy medicine practitioner, and lover of dance!


“Thank you Alexina for joining this group and offering your knowledge, wisdom and beautiful, sweet energy towards the empowerment and raising up of this magical group of women. I have seen all their eyes light up from new fire in their hearts and their arms become strong to hold new and sacred intentions that before this workshop perhaps felt out of reach. I have watched all of this with new fire in my own eyes, and new intention held in my hands. Thank you for this gift.” - Molly Warner, Galiano Teacher Training Leader

“A wondrous, supportive environment, allowing deeper learning into oneself. Alexina provides guidance with grace and deep wisdom.” -Nancy Brock, Vancouver

“Heart warming sharing from the heart of the teacher to the heart of the student. A beautiful experience of learning, sharing, integration and divine love. ” -Susan Erasmus