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Wild Woman Rising with Marci Churchill

$35 for 1 yogi OR

$60 for 2 yogis

*Space is Limited. Please pre-register*

A Celebration of the Divine Feminine

Men and Women Welcome!

Take a walk on the wild side and feel the powerful call of the wild one within! Celebrate your heart wide open with a Merkaba Healing Activation

  • Experience sacred space in the ancient, shamanic tradition
  • Tap Into Your Graceful Warrior through posture, play and mantra
  • Re-member the ancient wisdom of the Merkaba – Your Heart’s Field Of Light 
  • Mer = Light     Ka = Spirit  Ba = Soul
  • Receive an energy healing to re-activate your Merkaba and begin manifesting from the heart
  • Integrate the power of your wild one with a Sacred Gong Bath

Your Guide, Marci Churchill:

Marci is an international facilitator, Shaman, Kundalini yoga teacher, Gong Adventurer, Reiki Master Teacher and a Producer in the film industry.

Her events offer a unique blend of Shamanic process, yoga wisdom and sound therapy. Working in sacred space, and personal empowerment are foundational themes in all of her work. 

Marci blends ancient truths with cutting edge, tangible tools in her work as a Business Soul-utions Consultant, Chaos Navigator and Akashic Soul Reader.