About Rachel Rozen

I originally found Yoga over 15 years ago, during a time in my life when I started experiencing extreme anxiety and panic attacks. It gave me the tools I needed help calm my mind and ground my body. I began to practice it regularly. Yoga became my guide from this point forward, whether I was conscious of it or not, on and off the mat. Years later, I realized that I wanted to expose others to the healing benefits of yoga, bringing people peace and strength both physically and mentally. My focus has always been to promote confidence in my students by creating a safe, non-competitive environment so each individual gets the most out of their practice.

In 2017 I made a major (long time coming) shift in my life and my husband and I left our beloved North Vancouver, where we were raised, and move to the Okanagan. We were craving a less frantic pace of life. One that didn't feel like we were "just surviving" in the metropolis of Vancouver. One of my proudest and yet my most challenging achievements is The Yoga Root. The Yoga Root was the yoga studio I created and almost single handedly ran for a few years prior to moving. It was conceived from wanting to take my experience and passion to the next level, and offer a space to those seeking an intimate and connected yoga practice, while bringing students a sense of community that may be missing from their lives. I am thrilled to say that it's still thriving with a beautiful collection of fabulous teachers, now with the lovely Artemis Calogeros at the helm. 

YOU fit yoga. Everyone fits yoga. Yoga is one-size-fits-all! I especially enjoy bringing this practice to those who have been told countless times that yoga is “good for you” and may be intimidated to give it a try. Let’s embark on this journey together and make sure we have fun while we’re on it!

–Rachel Rozen, The Yoga Root Founder