About Rachel Rozen

I found Yoga more than a decade ago, during a time in my life when I was battling extreme anxiety and panic attacks.  It gave me the tools I needed help calm my mind and ground my body.  I began to practice it regularly.  Yoga became my guide from this point forward, whether I was conscious of it or not, on and off the mat.  Years later, I realized that I wanted to expose others to the emotionally healing benefits of Yoga, bringing people peace and strength both physically and mentally. 

After receiving my 200-hour Yoga certification through Open Door Yoga Vancouver, I took a leap of faith and left my long-time job as a sales/customer service consultant in the Fashion Wholesale Industry to become a full-time Yoga instructor.  During that time, I also continued my education in Vinyasa/Flow Yoga, Vinyasa Yoga for Youth, and Trauma Sensitive Yoga. 

After a few years of teaching, I took another big step and opened my own studio right in the heart of the place where I was raised and have such a strong connection; the gorgeous North Shore!  The Yoga Root was conceived from wanting to take my experience and passion to the next level, and offer a space to those seeking an intimate and connected Yoga practice, while bringing students a sense of community that may be missing from their lives.  My focus is to promote confidence in my students by creating a safe, non-competitive environment.  I offer modifications in postures to ensure that each individual, from the fitness-minded “workout warrior” looking for a little stretching, flexibility and balance, to those struggling with resisting the experience all together, gets the most out of their practice!

YOU fit yoga. Everyone fits Yoga. Yoga is one-size-fits-all! 

My experience in music, dance and a teeny bit of Taekwondo runs through my teaching, and I believe that we continually keep learning, no matter our levels of experience. In my classes you will be encouraged to find your genuine, authentic self and, hopefully, clarity moment by moment. Finding what moves you to breathe can be the key to cultivating YOU.  I strive to make my classes accessible and relatable to those of us charging through busy, stressful North American lives.  Join me in shedding the mystic mask of Yoga, and let’s have fun doing it!

–Rachel Rozen, Founder & Instructor at The Yoga Root