Studio Rental

Are you looking for a cozy, clean, intimate boutique studio space with rustic reclaimed wood finishings and large windows that overlook a tranquil pond, while the south facing view welcomes the warm sun? The Yoga Root community-minded studio in North Vancouver may just be what you're looking for. The Yoga Root’s mission is to create a sense of connectedness – with one’s self and to others – through small class sizes where you’ll feel respected and cared for.

This space is perfect for any health and wellness workshop (including yoga of course!), as well as events, meet-ups and private wellness sessions. We also have a lovely, clean layout with a solid white wall perfect for photoshoots. Our goal is to create not only a space for students to practice yoga, but also to create a home for our North Shore community to get together and connect with each other through various events. Evenings and weekends in the area offer lots of parking for guests. We have a drink station (including tea urn), yoga props and mats to borrow, an area to store coats/shoes, a great sound system, dimable lighting, 16 folding chairs and a bench along the wall that could seat 6-8 people. We don't have any mirrors in the studio. The studio is mostly available for rental early mornings, early to late afternoons, late nights most days, and evenings/nights Friday through to Sunday.

We'd love to hear from you! Thank you for considering our humble yoga abode. Namaste.

Please contact us at for your rental inquiry and to receive info on rental rates.