"I simply LOVE this studio and the instructors!! I started with the 6 week yoga challenge to get myself back into a routine and just fell in love with the practice and meditations. I highly reccomend this studio for beginners and experienced yogis!! They teach you while they instruct and it is a nice relaxing vibe. The owner Artemis is a very supportive and caring woman who is always interested in feedback and making her studio the best it can be!!!"

— Michelle Joly

“What can I say that already hasn't been said about this gem of a place. As a student who has been practicing for at least 15 years in Vancouver I have been blessed to have been able to learn under some truly gifted teachers, yogis and spaces. Moving to North Vancouver 7 months ago, I grew weary that I would not find it again. I was wrong. The Yoga Root not only stepped up to do so but in such a short span of time. It is like an old friend where everything you feel is safe and familiar. Where everything resonates at all levels of being. Thank you ... Yoga Root teachers for taking such good care of us. Rob and I embrace fully this magnificent experience and always look forward to walking down Spirit Trail to be with you.”

—  Christine Robles

Artemis … I’m loving your Restorative class on Monday nights, it really helped me get back to yoga after my bicycle accident. ... What I actually love most about your Monday night class is how much love and effort you put into the class.

—  Elaine Wick

“The Yoga Root is amazing, the space is beautiful, serene, soothing and intimate. Rachel has created a wonderful welcoming environment and filled it with amazing caring teachers who share their passion though a wide variety of classes.”

— Mary-Ellen McSween

“Since mid-2015 I've been looking for a new yoga studio to frequent on the North Shore. One that is friendly, has great classes at times convenient for me, with warm, interesting and creative instructors, and classes at a fair price. I stopped looking when my friend and I found The Yoga Root! … all the lovely teachers have created a studio which is welcoming, friendly, fun and challenging... all at the same time! Centrally located with ample parking, and class times that work for me. Thank you Yoga Root! I love spending time on my mat with you!”

— Susan Johnston

“I look forward to every class I attend and just love the friendliness of the people there as well as the great atmosphere of the beautiful studio. I highly recommend The Yoga Root! You won't be disappointed!”

— Bernice Heimann

“All the instructors really go the extra mile to get to know their students and make them feel part of The Yoga Root community. I love the variety of workshops they offer too!”

— Sharlene Eugenio

“Classes are very intimate and relaxing. Teachers display a lot of passion and knowledge for yoga. Perfect place for anyone who is interested in practicing yoga on the North Shore. Keep it up!”

— Steve Bailey

“This is certainly not a ‘show off how flexible you are’ studio. Genuinely kind people. I also love how convenient it is to fit in with other errands in the neighbourhood (everything from hair cuts to groceries) so I can feel good about making the time for myself ... You most definitely won’t regret it.”

— Kendall Gustavson

“I attended the 'Yoga for Lunch' class and it was great! Kelly was very helpful and had quality instruction. She took the time to come around to help with adjustments to better form and various postures, which was awesome for a yoga rookie like myself. The area of location is surrounding a beautiful view of downtown Vancouver and the ocean and tucked away in a less busy area, which is nice for yoga and getting away from the noise. I would definitely recommend checking this place out! Thanks for the class, Kelly & Rachel! “

— Francis Dos Santos

“The Yoga Root is one of the rare few yoga studios with an authentically humble and serene presence. It's less focused on giving you a full-body workout, and more on connecting you with your body and breath -- true yoga. I've been loving their yin classes, and grateful for teachers who slow down and give you time to sink into postures. Thanks Rachel for opening this little gem in our community!”

— Samantha Gambling