Do you want to lose 20lbs or more?

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Are you tired of fad diets and counting calories or points?

Do you hate traditional gym workouts or boot camps?

You already know you need to eat right and exercise regularly but why is it so hard to follow through?

You need motivation and support! We’re here to help.

Our unique program can help you break through the barriers so you can make lasting lifestyle change to regain your health and vitality. Look great and feel fantastic! You deserve to live life fully!

PLUS, you could receive 80% reimbursement of our program fees if you reach your weight loss goals.*

Our program is not a crash diet or quick fix. It will take commitment and genuine effort on your part to achieve your weight loss and wellness goals. If you know you are overweight and you are truly committed to losing weight to improve your health and live an inspired life, our Weight Transformation Program offers a comprehensive plan with the support you need to be successful. 

Weight Transformation Program

Our accredited 6-month Weight Transformation Program combines a customized holistic nutrition plan with a yoga-based exercise plan and one-on-one lifestyle coaching to release your excess weight and support you to achieve your wellness goals. A healthy weight loss of 1-2 pounds per week is considered most effective for long term results. This means a goal of losing 25-50 pounds within 6 months is within reach!

Transformation Team

  • Registered Holistic Nutritionists

  • Certified Yoga Teachers

  • Transformation Coach

  • Accountability Group

Upcoming Program Start Dates

We are accepting only 10 participants per program intake.

  • Current program underway!
    If you’re eager to start now, there are some spots available to join our current group. Email for more information and to schedule a free, no-obligation consultation.

  • Next program launches:
    Saturday January 19, 2019
    (10 spots available)


Come to a free information session to learn how this program can support you to achieve your weight loss goals and get answers to all your questions.

Early Registration Bonus

Register for the full program early to receive a Fitness Tracker Smartwatch to monitor your activity and sleep!

Program Options

There are three levels of support available, depending on your needs and budget:

  • DIY (Do It Yourself) Transformation Program

  • Full Transformation Program

  • Premium Transformation Program

The Full and Premium Transformation Programs are extremely comprehensive with a lot of built-in motivation and support. We want you to succeed in making lasting change in your life!

The DIY Program provides the basics for those who need less support after being pointed in the right direction. Because the DIY program does not provide any coaching, it is not eligible for the weight loss grant.

Refer to the “Program and Fee Comparison” section below for what is included in each option and program fees.

Program Details

The Full and Premium Transformation Programs include:


  • A Holistic Nutrition Meal Plan (vegetarian or non) with simple portion control guidelines and recipes. No calorie counting! 😊

  • An initial one-on-one nutrition consultation with a Registered Holistic Nutritionist to customize your Holistic Nutrition Meal Plan to best meet your personal needs plus

  • Follow-up one-on-one nutrition sessions to keep you on track. The focus is on nutritional coaching to release excess weight and develop healthy food habits.


  • Transformation Membership at The Yoga Root, which includes six months of unlimited yoga classes on our regular schedule.


  • Monthly group coaching sessions with a Transformation Coach. The focus is on lifestyle coaching and developing healthy mindset for long term success.

  • Premium Program only: An initial one-on-one transformation consultation with a Transformation Coach plus follow up coaching sessions to identify your personal barriers to success and help you develop a plan to overcome them.


  • Health and wellness workshops on a variety of topics to arm you with knowledge and support your lasting lifestyle transformation.


  • Accountability to keep you on track via monthly weigh-ins and sharing circles.

  • Before and After photographs to document your transformation.


  • Facilitated application for conditional approval of 80% reimbursement upon successful weight loss by deadline.*

  • Membership in our Transformation Facebook Group to stay motivated and build connections with other participants who have made the same commitment.

Program and Fee Comparison


For comparison purposes, a 1-month unlimited yoga pass is $150 or $125/mo for 1-month unlimited auto-renew.

If you know you want to lose weight and are committed to making long-term lifestyle changes, then signing up for one of our Transformation Programs is a great choice.

*Reimbursement of 80% of program fees is contingent upon satisfying grant application requirements.