Yoga Challenge

This 6 week Yoga Challenge is a fantastic opportunity to initiate and establish healthy lifestyle changes in a supportive environment. We want you to succeed!

Challenge: Attend 18 Yoga Classes in 6 weeks and follow a nutritious Meal Plan

Our current challenge is already underway but you’re welcome to join us. Your six weeks will start from the date of the first class.

  • 3 yoga classes per week for 6 weeks = 18 yoga classes in all ($360 value)

    • You can pick and choose any 3 classes from our regular weekly schedule

    • If you miss a class or two one week, you can make them up the next week

  • Your choice of 4 different meal plans with recipes ($35 value)

    • Eat Smart

    • Eat Smart Performance

    • Eat Smart Vegan

    • Paleo Challenge

  • Weekly Accountability Circle ($120 value) – weigh in, share successes and challenges. Support to become the best YOU that you can be!

  • Challenge Facebook group – get encouragement, ask questions, share tips…

  • Class stamp card to keep a countdown of your class attendance

  • Final wellness check-in ($20 value) to help you formulate a plan to maintain your new lifestyle or aim for new goals


  • Yoga for Wellness Workshop ($40 value) – Learn how and why a regular yoga practice can help you release your excess weight and reveal your authentic self.

  • 2-Week Unlimited Yoga Pass ($40 value) for each Yoga Challenger who completes all 18 yoga classes within six weeks and attends the wellness check-in.

  • Be entered to win a 1 Month Unlimited Yoga Pass ($150 value) if you complete the challenge and attend the wellness check-in. Prize is awarded to one Yoga Challenger.

 Total Program Value: $615

Challenge Investment: $250 + GST

Works out to less than $42/week for 3 yoga classes plus a guided meditation class. And you get a free $40 workshop to start off and 2 weeks unlimited yoga when you complete the challenge. That’s great value! 

Are you up to the challenge?

Watch the video for more info and inspiration. Start on the path to the best YOU you can be!