The Yoga Root is a community-minded, independent yoga studio located near the Spirit Trail in North Vancouver. We offer a variety of classes, workshops, and courses. Whether you're new to yoga practice, out of practice, or regularly practice, we invite you to join us. Come experience a relaxed, non-pretentious vibe where you can do yoga free from judgements and comparisons. You don't need to be strong and flexible to begin practicing yoga - strength, flexibility, and a sense of calm will come with time if you establish dedicated practice. If you can breathe, you can do yoga! Come practice with us.

I simply LOVE this studio and the instructors!! I started with the 6 week yoga challenge to get myself back into a routine and just fell in love with the practice and meditations. I highly recommend this studio for beginners and experienced yogis!! They teach you while they instruct and it is a nice relaxing vibe.

The owner Artemis is a very supportive and caring woman who is always interested in feedback and making her studio the best it can be!!!
— Michelle Joly
I look forward to every class I attend and just love the friendliness of the people there as well as the great atmosphere of the beautiful studio. I highly recommend The Yoga Root! You won’t be disappointed!
— Bernice Heimann
Best Yoga studios in North Vancouver   Best Yoga studios in North Vancouver
This is certainly not a ‘show off how flexible you are’ studio. Genuinely kind people. I also love how convenient it is to fit in with other errands in the neighbourhood (everything from hair cuts to groceries) so I can feel good about making the time for myself ... You most definitely won’t regret it.
— Kendall Gustavson